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In the beginning was the Word...

Men Seeking Jesus Through The Word of God
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men_of_theword is a community for men who seek to support one another as we strive to live in the word, The Bible, and hear God's voice in our daily lives. We seek to understand the scriptures, seek the face of Jesus, and put our faith in his forgiveness and that we are saved by his grace.

Membership is open to Christian men, as well as women who wish to learn more about the role of a Christian Man in their relationship.

Posting access is open to all members, and you must be a member to read and post messages.

There is no such thing as a dumb question if you do not know the answer, though all answers may be found in God's Word. Do not hesitate to ask as we all have been in the same place, lost and seeking the light. As members of the body we must seek to enlighten and share our experiences, our praises, or failings and our overcoming of sin through the power of Jesus.

Together we may discuss a multitude of issues, including:

- Sin, what is it and how does God feel about it? How do we overcome it?
- Marriage and relationships, how do we keep them healthy and keep in fellowship?
- Sex, is it a good thing or a bad thing?
- How can I strengthen my relationship with God? Is there more than one road to God?

The rules here are simple - love one another and respect one another. Posts or comment threads that insult the nature of this community will be deleted and the offending parties will be removed from the community. Healthy debate is encouraged, as long as it is scriptural in nature. (Example: Do not insult specific denominations or religions, but share the truth as it is written in The Bible to make your point)

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About the moderator - mcbarnes1970 is a sinner, saved by grace, and seeks to further his walk with Jesus through study of scripture and fellowship with other believers. As with ever sinner, he struggles each day to walk in the word and fails from time to time, but takes up his cross and goes back to Calvary to seek forgiveness through the blood of Christ. He attends Calvary Chapel of the Triad in Kernersville ( http://www.reachthetriad.com ), North Carolina and has learned more in the last year about following Jesus than he had in previous 34 years of his life attending a number of other churches. It is in that spirit of discovery that he has created this community, to help enlighten and share the things he learns, in the hope that others might benefit in the mutual fellowship of believers.